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Gov. Gambito okays ordinance addressing shortage of medical professionals in NVizcaya

DOCTOR OF MEDICINE SCHOLARSHIP. Nueva Vizcaya Gov. Jose ‘Jing’ Gambito (right) approves a landmark initiative by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan in its passage of ‘Ordinance Establishing the Nueva Vizcaya Medical Scholarship and Return Service Program,’ also known as the Nueva Vizcaya ‘Doktor ti Umili’ Scholarship Program, authored by Board Member Patricio Dumlao (center) and Board Member Elma Pinao-an Lejao (left). CONTRIBUTED PHOTO


BAYOMBONG (August 7, 2023)—Nueva Vizcaya Gov. Jose “Jing” Gambito approved an initiative by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) upon the passage of an ordinance addressing the shortage of medical professionals in the province.

Gambito said the “Ordinance Establishing the Nueva Vizcaya Medical Scholarship and Return Service Program” aims to provide resources for underprivileged students who cannot afford but have the desire to pursue medicine as a profession.

“While addressing the pressing need for more medical professionals in the province, this important ordinance is a significant milestone for our province as it also provides opportunities for aspiring doctors to achieve their goals,” the governor also said.

He added that this groundbreaking initiative demonstrates the commitment of the local government and its passion for the duty to uplift the health care sector and create a brighter future for Nueva Vizcaya.

The ordinance, also known as the Nueva Vizcaya “Doktor ti Umili” Scholarship Program, is authored by Board Member Patricio Dumlao and Board Member Elma Pinao-an Lejao.

Dumlao and Lejao said the ordinance is set to provide aspiring medical students with financial assistance and create a return service program to ensure that ample health care services are available for every Novo Vizcayano.

The authors added that the ordinance also aims to support talented and deserving individuals who have the passion and dedication to pursue a career in medicine.

“Under this initiative, select scholars will receive full financial assistance for their medical education, including tuition, books and other necessary expenses,” they said.

Dumlao noted that the program seeks to alleviate the financial burden that often hinders students from pursuing a medical degree and encourages more young individuals to enter the medical profession.

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Expressing their enthusiasm for the program’s potential impact, Dumlao and Lejao said the scholarship program is a transformative step toward addressing the scarcity of health care professionals in Nueva Vizcaya.

“By supporting aspiring doctors and easing their financial burden, we are creating opportunities for them to serve our communities and contribute to the overall well-being of our people,” Dumlao said.

The authors also said the return service component of the program will require scholars to serve in the province for a specified period upon completion of their medical education.

“This approach ensures that enough medical professionals are available for deployment to the hospitals managed and operated by the provincial government of Nueva Vizcaya,” Dumlao said.

There are six provincial local government unit-managed hospitals in the province, namely the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Hospital in Bambang town, Lt. Tidang Memorial Hospital in Kayapa town, Kasibu Municipal Hospital, Dupax District Hospital, Bagabag District Hospital and Diadi Emergency Hospital.

By implementing this return service mechanism, the authors said the provincial government enhances its health care access and bridges the gap between the availability of medical services and the needs of the population.

Dumlao and Lejao pointed out the importance of investing in local talents and retaining them within the province.

“Through the program, we are nurturing our homegrown talents and creating opportunities for them to contribute to the development of our province while empowering our youth to fulfill their dreams and make a difference in the lives of our people,” the authors said.

They explained that by investing in the education and training of local talents, the province is taking a proactive approach to ensure the well-being of its residents and promote equitable health care access.

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“With this, the province is set to witness a new generation of Novo Vizcayano medical professionals who will serve as the backbone of its health care system, delivering quality care and addressing the health concerns of its people,” Dumlao said.