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FCF Minerals’ mine survey team trains on drone technology


QUEZON, Nueva Vizcaya (February 7, 2024)—In a groundbreaking move towards innovation and safety, four employees from the Stellar Mine Survey Team of FCF Minerals Corporation immersed themselves in a hands-on Drone Operation Training.

According to Rodalyn Arcebal, FCF information, education and communication (IEC) supervisor, the training was conducted by DJI Philippines at the Mining One Team Shed, Runruno Gold Project Site.

Arcebal said the team not only honed their skills for the safe operation of unmanned aerial vehicles, but also got up close and personal with the purchase and turnover of the company’s addition to the latest cutting-edge RTK drone technology.

FCF Minerals Corp survey team trains on drone operation. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

She said this state-of-the-art drone is specifically designed for aerial surveying and 3D mapping, taking the participants’ capabilities to new heights.

“With its real-time precision location data, this technology marvel is set to revolutionize how the company will monitor mine safety, production and various other activities. Imagine the power of swiftly and accurately identifying potential weaknesses, thanks to the RTK drone,” Arcebal added.

She said this is not just a gadget but a game-changer in ensuring safety and efficiency in the company’s responsible mining operations.

“At FCF Minerals Corporation, we’re committed to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and prioritizing the safety of our teams. There will more updates on how we are soaring to new heights with cutting-edge technology,” said Lorne Harver, FCF Minerals Corporation General Manager for Operations.

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