Thursday, December 8

Stop e-sabong

Taytay Palawan Bishop Broderick Pabillo criticized then President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision not to stop the operation of Online Sabong (E-Sabong).

Duterte said that the billion pesos from the operations of E-Sabong are good and necessary for the government.

But Pabillo insisted that the president’s reason is not correct because it shows that money is more important than the lives of people who are addicted to any kind of gambling.

According to Pabillo, money should not be more important compared to the lives of the missing 34 individuals linked to online cockfighting.

The government should consider what is good for the people by stopping the operation and thoroughly study the real effect of E-Sabong.

Any kind of gambling will never be good for the people and the family because it causes the same effect as illegal drug addiction.

Like Pabillo, we need to pray for our leaders to prioritize the welfare of the people than become addicted to bad vices like the E-Sabong.

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